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Alliant International University

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  • PhD in Organizational Psychology

    This program will enable you to break down the barriers that separate us in the
    workplace and build bridges that connect the diverse perspectives we all bring
    to the conference table. The PhD in Organizational Psychology Degree Program
    is for forward-thinkers who are emboldened with the knowledge that the
    individual is just as important as the whole, and that for the whole to succeed, it
    starts with the individual.

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    PhD in Organizational Psychology
  • PsyD in Organization Development

    Separation of personal and professional identity is disappearing. The hats worn
    at work are almost indistinguishable from the hat worn at home. In effect, we
    as a society are getting better at creating work-life balance and recognizing
    its vitality. Students in our PhD in Organization Development Degree Program
    become agents of change, transforming into better leaders in the workplace,
    academia, and consulting. So you can help companies compete to not only be
    the best in the world, but the best for the world.

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    PsyD in Organization Development
  • MA in Organizational Psychology

    Organizational DevelopmentBecome an effective leader. Seek to expand your boundaries. Make a lasting impact. Students in our Master’s in Organizational Psychology Degree Program complete coursework in data analysis, statistics, social psychology, and diversity to lay a foundation in organizational change. So, whatever industry you choose to impact, you excel as a partner and a leader.

    Offered on-campus and online

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    MA in Organizational Psychology
  • MA in Organizational Behavior

    Arm yourself with the tools you need to navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of business with our Master’s in Organizational Behavior Degree Program. Through coursework, experiential activities, and hands-on training from an annual internship, you will extract wisdom from outside your own purview in order to understand the diverse needs of the hearts and minds that give life to an organization.

    Offered on-campus and online

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    MA in Organizational Behavior
  • PhD in Leadership

    From theory to strategy. From organization development to business psychology.
    From executive management, to education, analysis, and development. The
    interdisciplinary PhD in Leadership Degree Program, offered in partnership with
    the California School of Management and Leadership, prepares each student
    to define their own leadership philosophy, preparing them to take the reins and
    affect change within the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

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    PhD in Leadership
  • MA in Business Administration (MBA)

    As an MBA student at CSML, you will experience a balance of coursework, network development, and hands-on experience that prepares you to put achievement into overdrive. Practical training, inclusion in industry affiliations, and a community service focus help you carve out your path to becoming an agent of change.

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    MA in Business Administration (MBA)
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