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  • Master of Education

    Our Master of Education (MEd) program provides students the opportunity to build a professional base of knowledge, to graduate with the competencies and skills necessary to advance in their careers, and to contribute to the educational needs of the 21st century.

    Students begin with core courses, where they develop a foundation of knowledge about education as an advanced field of study. This foundation lays the groundwork for students to examine education as a global-societal construct and to explore the array of educational experiences across a person’s lifespan. The core courses establish a shared understanding that each concentration expands upon in concentration-specific courses.

    Courses within this degree are delivered in a variety of formats, allowing you to maintain work and life commitments while earning your MEd.

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  • Doctor of Education

    The Doctor of Education (EdD) program offers a rich, dynamic learning experience—one that blends critical engagement with theory, practice, and research.

    Providing innovative and engaging opportunities, our EdD further cultivates the skills and knowledge necessary to effect meaningful change in your organization. As a Doctor of Education student, you will collaborate with an accomplished group of fellow practitioners, exposing you to global perspectives and strengthening your ability to think critically about today’s educational challenges.

    Students will complete most EdD coursework online with an additional required on-campus residency. Note: Completion of this program does not guarantee teacher or administrator licensure in North Carolina public schools. Candidates should contact their local school administrative offices and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction regarding specific initial and advanced licensure requirements.

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  • Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication

    Across all industries and professions, strong written and oral communication skills are essential to success. Whether you are seeking to advance in a communications-related field or get ahead in your current organization, this program provides the practical knowledge and valuable perspectives you need to communicate across a variety of contexts and situations.

    From negotiation and writing to crisis management and public speaking, the MS in Corporate and Organizational Communication examines topics that are critical to effective organizational communication. Incorporating best practices, case studies, and hands-on learning opportunities, courses within this innovative master’s degree in communication address complex communication challenges—providing you with a distinct advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

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  • Master of Science in Leadership

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  • Master of Sports Leadership

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