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William James College

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  • Organizational Psychology MA

    The Master of Arts (MA) in Organizational Psychology is a 1 year program that can be completed fully online or as a blended program with weekends-in-residence.  Both formats accomodate a full-time working professional. A concentration in Talent Management is available to students.  Our 30-credit curriculum includes an 80-hour field project, which provides students with hands-on learning and application of coursework.

    Our faculty offer advising, career mentoring and many years of combined expertise in the field.  The mutlidsciplinary Organizational Psychology curriculum draws both from psychology and organizational behavior.  It inegrates theories of individual, group, and systems behavior with workplace case studies, applied projects, and research.

    Career Outcomes: Of the 97% of graduates who are crrently working, 97% are working in either Leadership, Human Resources (HR), Talent Management (TM) or internal or external Organization Development (OD)...
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    Organizational Psychology MA
  • Leadership Psychology PsyD

    The Leadership Psychology PsyD at William James College is a 98-credit doctorate degree, which can be completed in four years full-time and six years part-time. The porgram is primarily online with 2-3 in-person residencies in the Fall, Spring and Summer at our greater Boston campus. The summer residency is optional.

    The accredited doctoral program in Leadership Psychology is for current and aspiring managers, consultants, and other individuals, with an average of 10 years of work experience, who want to exercise leadership, create lasting and positive change, or create followership. The program is designed to accommodate working professionals who work in varying contexts from all over the world.  Concentrations include Educational Leadership, Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology, and Leading Non-Profits and NGOs.

    Career Opportunities: Leadership psychologists work within organizations and as external practitioners in any number of roles and titles including...
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    Leadership Psychology PsyD
  • Executive Coaching, Graduate Certificate

    WIlliam James College offers a highly acclaimed 8-month program in Executive Coaching (referred to as GCEC), which combines psychology, business, organizational development and coaching theory to support leaders in achieving powerful outcomes.

    At William James College, the subject matter is a rich mix of psychology, business, organizational development, coaching theory, principles and practices, and assessment. You and your cohort, individuals from diverse backgrounds, will gain an exceptionally strong foundation of cutting-edge knowledge.

    You will study in a challenging and academically rigorous environment and, upon graduation, earn an ICF approved certificate in Executive Coaching. The program develops working knowledge and skills in core competencies of professional executive coaching.

    A certificate in executive coaching provide students with:

    The psychology of individuals, relationships, and groups in organizations
    How businesses work
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    Executive Coaching, Graduate Certificate
  • Organizational Leadership, MA

    The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) at William James College teaches students the essential strategic and psychological factors at play in contemporary business settings and provides them with the tools to become high performing global leaders. Sample courses include Leadership and the Use of Self, The Brain in Business: Neuroscience of Leadership, and Exploring the Darkside of Learship: Ethics and Power.  The curriculum includes 20 hours of supervised field placement work on leadership assessment with a real client. The program is 30 credits and can be taken full-time in one year or part-time over two years. It is offered in two formats: blended (combination of online and monthly weekends-in-residence) and fully online.

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    Organizational Leadership, MA