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Caltech CTME

Executive and Professional Education to Shape Curious Future Ready Leaders

Caltech CTME

Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering institute that marshals some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions and pressing societal challenges. Caltech prizes excellence and ambition. The contributions of Caltech’s faculty and alumni have earned national and international recognition, including over 45 Nobel Prizes. The Institute manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA.

Leaders who aspire to innovate and execute come to Caltech’s Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME). Here, you will do more than attend a class. You will develop new mindsets, technology skills, and leadership capacity to master the complex issues that challenge your organization today. 

Customized workshops, certificate courses, and enterprise programs in Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Science & Analytics, Digital Futures & Transformation, Innovation, Leadership & Communication, Project Management, Strategic Marketing of Technology, and Supply Chain & Operations.


  • Custom Certificate Programs for Your Organization

    L&D Leaders Team with Caltech for Enterprise Programs

    Caltech CTME specializes in tailoring educational programs to the specific needs of technology-driven organizations in sectors such as aerospace, defense, energy, and automotive. Our customized courses empower companies to enhance workforce capabilities, innovate processes, and lead digital transformation initiatives. We offer a variety of programs focused on practical applications, from AI and machine learning engineering to supply chain management, ensuring that your team gains relevant, impactful skills.

    • Program Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Innovation, Leadership, Project Management, Supply Chain, Technology Marketing
    • Customization: Outcomes, skills, content, industry, capstone projects, delivery
    • Formats: On Campus, Online, On-Site, Blended

    More Information » ctme.caltech.edu/organizations.html

    Custom Certificate Programs for Your Org...
  • Reinventing Work for the Age of AI (Certificate)

    Lead Your Organization's AI-Strategy & Transformation

    Empower your leadership team with the 'Reinventing Work for the Age of AI' program. This executive workshop combines practical AI applications with strategic frameworks, enabling participants to harness AI effectively in organizational contexts. Learn to navigate strategic possibilities, experiment with generative AI tools, and redesign workflows for enhanced human-automation synergy. The program is customizable, focusing on strategic decision-making and practical AI applications tailored to specific organizational needs.

    Course features:

    • Strategic planning workshop format
    • Talent-centric impact and capability mapping
    • Organizational problem solving 

    More Information » ctme.caltech.edu/reinventing-work-for-the-age-of-a...

    Reinventing Work for the Age of AI (Cert...
  • Artificial Intelligence Academy (Certificate)

    Upskilling at Scale

    Transform your organization's tech capabilities with Caltech's AI Academy. This customizable program offers hands-on AI and ML training, designed for teams to apply real-world solutions across various industries. Enhance skills in data analytics, model optimization, and strategic AI implementation. Available in flexible formats, it caters to both technical and non-technical professionals aiming to drive digital transformation.

    Course features:

    • Hands-on coding and development and production of AI/ML
    • For teams of 15 to 1,500 learners
    • Technical or non-technical levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced

    More Information » ctme.caltech.edu/ai-academy-custom.html

    Artificial Intelligence Academy (Certifi...
  • Public Courses and Certificate Programs

    Open-Enrollment Courses and Certificate Programs

    Caltech CTME offers a robust selection of 50 public certificate programs and courses designed to meet diverse professional development needs. Our programs are crafted for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in leadership and communication or in cutting-edge fields such as digital engineering, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Through expert-led, flexible learning formats including self-paced online and live sessions, participants can tailor their education to their specific career goals and demands.

    Certificates: Completion Certificate, Caltech Certificate
    CEUs/PDUs: Available
    Formats: Live-remote, Hybrid Online, On-Demand, Blended

    More Information » ctme.caltech.edu/individuals.html

    Public Courses and Certificate Programs
  • Leadership Essentials (Flexible Certificate)

    Learn to Lead In You Own Way

    Caltech's Leadership Essentials program offers a tailored, flexible learning experience for technical professionals seeking to enhance leadership competencies. This modular course allows learners to select five short courses from topics like organizational change and crisis management to craft a personalized certificate. With on-demand content and optional live sessions, participants will develop skills in communication, negotiation, and team dynamics to effectively lead and inspire in any organizational context.

    Course features:

    • Flexible certificate - pick your electives
    • CEUs/PDUs available
    • Group rates

    More Information » ctme.caltech.edu/leadership-essentials.html

    Leadership Essentials (Flexible Certific...
Web Site: ctme.caltech.edu 



  • Mike Ash
    Mike Ash

    Director, Caltech CTME
    California Institute of Technology
    Pasadena, California